Zpolitics- This week, the country’s largest labor union, AFL-CIO, released their annual scorecard Tuesday, ranking members of Congress and the U.S. Senate according to whether or not their votes aligned with the union agenda.

In Georgia, the scores fell where you might expect. Democrat representatives ranked highly, while our state’s conservative Republican representatives scored remarkably low. There are a few that stand out, however, having achieved a “0”score in the AFL-CIO’s eyes.

Conservative Georgians: if you run into Georgia Representatives Rob Woodall, Tom Graves, or Tom Price anytime soon, be sure to thank them.

That’s because the AFL-CIO is a bastion of anti-free market ideology and a top Democrat donor organization. (In the 2014 election cycle alone, 99% of $8.7 million spent on political causes went towards electing liberal Democrats.)

That’s not to mention the union’s President and most visible representative, Richard Trumka, who is an avid promoter of class warfare and leftist flame-stoker. Some of his more pointed political statements (and there have been many), include the implication that a vote against Barack Obama is synonymous with racism, that the American people were “duped”into electing a GOP majority into the Senate in 2014, and- most recently- that current Republican presidential candidates are “un-American”, “hateful”, and “racist” for their stance on immigration and border security.

With that, it should be no surprise that many of the issues the AFL-CIO claims to promote- like supporting the middle class and growing the economy- were not actually factored into the vote record upon which U.S. Senators and Representatives were graded. Actual votes that did affect a Congressman’s score included many union-opposed measures like one that would restrict federal dollars from union workers conducting union business on the taxpayer dime, a bill that would boost federal appropriations to border control agencies, and another that would prevent undocumented immigrants from claiming a $1,000 child tax credit.

While it’s unlikely that Congressmen Woodall, Price, and Graves are sweating over the results of the new scorecard, they should hold their heads high for the distinct honor of winning a “zero” from the liberal AFL-CIO.

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