Gwinnett Daily Post- The FairTax, according to Rep. Rob Woodall, would do more than just reform the tax code.

“The current tax code is by far the most effective tool for politicians to use in manipulating the behavior of Americans and the FairTax removes a very powerful weapon from their arsenal,” the 7th Congressional District representative said in a released statement. “The fact that there are those in Washington who would resist this can neither surprise, nor discourage us. The immense dedication of those in the FairTax community across the country is directly responsible for the consistent and significant progress we are seeing in Washington, and I’m grateful.”

On Tuesday, the first day of the 114th Congress, Woodall introduced the FairTax bill (H.R. 25) with a record number of original co-sponsors. The bill, which would replace the income tax with a consumption tax, currently has 58 co-sponsors including Woodall.

“It’s a tremendous honor to partner with the American people and grow support for the FairTax as we work to make its principles of individual liberty and taxpayer anonymity a reality,” Woodall said. “I’ve been thrilled to see support steadily increase each Congress, and I’m confident we’ll see great things in the 114th as well.”

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