Gwinnett Daily Post– U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall’s office announced Friday afternoon that Gwinnett-based congressman has joined 164 fellow House Republicans in co-sponsoring a resolution that opposes the Iran nuclear weapons deal announced earlier this week.

The deal between Iran and the U.S., China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany is intended to curb the Middle Eastern nation’s ability to develop nuclear weapons for at least the next decade. Several congressmen, including nine from Georgia, have signed on to House Resolution 367, which states the agreement doesn’t do enough to disarm Iran’s nuclear program.

“The consequences of a bad deal with Iran are far greater for Israel, the United States and our allies throughout the region than no deal at all — and this is unfortunately a bad deal — which is exactly why I joined over 150 of my colleagues in co-sponsoring H. Res. 367 to send a strong message to this Administration,” Woodall said in a statement.

Woodall said tougher sanctions are needed against Iran, arguing they could have eventually forced a change of leadership in the country that would build trust among the world’s major powers.

“Iran’s record shows that they are indeed not ready for that partnership and the agreement reached by the President and his team ensures that those fundamental objectives will never be accomplished,” the congressman said. “Rather than strike a deal granting billions of dollars in sanctions relief that will help pave the way for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon in the future, the president should be focused on convincing the other P5+1 nations that the original goal of the sanctions was right, and we must stay the course until Iran shows that it can be a trusted global participant.”

Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), whos district includes eastern Gwinnett County, is also a co-sponsor on the resolution.

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