Gwinnett Daily Post– Last week, members of the House Rules Committee, of which Rep. Rob Woodall (GA-7) is a member, held a hearing regarding the Constitution’s balance of power.

“While the witnesses at the hearing differed in their approaches to regaining Congress’ rightful authority, there was no doubt that the President has been steadily consolidating power,” Woodall said in a press release. “To be clear, it’s not just President Obama who has done this. Presidents from both parties for many years have slowly usurped Congress’ legislative authority, and Congress has let it happen.”

On July 22, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), chairman of the House Rules Committee, introduced a resolution authorizing the House to bring suit against President Obama for what Woodall described as the President’s “failure to faithfully execute the Affordable Care Act.”

“Jealously protecting the power of the Article I Congress – which is really the power of the American people – and supporting the basic structure of our Republic’s co-equal branches of government is my most important responsibility,” Woodall said. “All Members of the House take an oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States,’ and that’s what this resolution intends to do.”

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