PeachPundit– Next month, Gwinnett Republican Rob Woodall will become the first Georgian in some time to join the 61-member House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

From Woodall:

We will have an incredible opportunity in the 114th Congress to make real progress on our nation’s big issues and I’m thrilled to partner with Chairman Shuster and the members of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to enact common-sense, conservative solutions for these needs.  Our successes here can be a model for the nation, and the nation can help to address our challenges locally that still remain.  The Seventh District represents one of the most economically vibrant and travelled  regions of what is the largest economy in the southeastern United States, and it’s a privilege to serve as a voice for those who work to grow jobs and the economy every day.

Received wisdom suggests that transportation will be the hottest issue in the state in 2015. At the federal level, Congress is expected to reauthorize surface transportation, aviation, and passenger rail programs before the end of the fiscal year. Veterans of the crusade to deepen the Savannah Port report that the lack of a Georgian on this crucial committee proved a huge disadvantage. Add to that Woodall’s interstate-dependent Gwinnett and Forsyth district, and this appears to be an excellent appointment for both the congressman and the state.

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